How to Assemble a Paranormal Investigation Team

The right team is vital to have a successful and fruitful hunt. You will need people in the following positions, noting that one person may be able to fill multiple positions.

Researcher – the person willing to surf the internet, scan reports, get details, make phone calls, and secure permission to get onto the site to investigate.

Lead Investigator – this is the person who will lead the investigation. They will decide where the team goes and when, how the equipment is divvied up and set up, and will generally make decisions regarding the safety and efficacy of the team. Often the lead investigator will attempt to communicate with the ghosts, but sometimes that falls to the intuitives.

Audio/Visual Techs – you need people who can take digital photos, hold the video cameras, hold the digital audio recorders, work the EMF detectors, monitor the temperature, and document all the goings on during the investigation. I would assign 2-4 people to handle the equipment depending on what you’ve got going. Downloading and analyzing all the data can be done by them or anyone else on the team.

Intuitives – Don’t forget to bring your blood hounds! Bring along a psychic or two to help you pinpoint areas of unearthly activity. It will save you a ton of time and energy. Sure you have equipment, but are you using it in the room with the activity? Or are you wandering around 50 rooms of a hotel looking for one ghost? Intuitives will be especially helpful to have around if you want to help cross a spirit over. They are like canaries in the mines… if you see your intuitives running away from something, you should run too. Intuitives will be able to communicate with the ghosts and have a better chance of calling an entity forth.

Safety/Tactical Guy – this is the person who checks the area of investigation for safety hazards and comes equipped with items to help the team stay safe or get through obstacles or barriers. They check the area ahead of time and mark off areas too dangerous to tread through. They should also be capable of carrying an injured person, or hauling someone on the team up or down a hole with rope. This is the person that is responsible for the team’s safety.

Skeptics or Science-types – In addition to your intuitives, you also want to bring along a skeptic or scientific person. Don’t they cancel each other out? No. The skeptic is there to scientifically investigate reported phenomenon to see if it can be replicated in an earthly way. Skeptics are also the last to become possessed or influenced by negative entities since they are not opening themselves up to try to communicate with the ghosties. A good skeptic is like your grounding tool. When all your psychics drop, the skeptic will be standing there healthy and well saying, “What the heck just happened to our psychics? I see nothing.”

Comic Relief – If bad things happen to members of your party, one of the best ways to snap them out of it is humor. If the investigation is getting dark and scary, keeping your vibration high is critical, and having someone in your group who is great at cracking jokes can save the day.


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